1. Legal Notice:
Niania-top website is hosted in Poland by dhosting company located at al.Jerozolimskie 98, 00-807
Warszawa. NIP: 7010198361
REGON: 141998822, KRS: 0000336780
Niania-top is a tool made available by the company Cloud Elite, whose head office is located at
Otwock City – Poland, UL.KACZEŃCÓW 12B, 05-462, as part of a service in support of recruitment
and job search.
The editor can be contacted by email at the following address: kontakt@niania-top.pl
2.Terms of use

niania-top enables:
users looking for a service to explain their needs and to find people,
organizations, or partners among the Website’s ads who can satisfy them. The
services currently supported by the Website include childcare, child
development, help for seniors, and home help.
users offering one of these services to provide that service and to contact
interested users.
partners to place advertisements on the Website, neutrally in the form of a banner
or a personalized form in user advertisements.
In no event will users be able to claim a service or performance guarantee for the
uses described above.
The truth, validity, and accuracy of notices posted by users in no way entail the
responsibility of the nanny/babysitter and remains the sole responsibility of the
author. niania-top does not undertake any commitment to the quality of services
offered by Users or to their terms and conditions.
Accordingly, niania-top disclaims any responsibility for the content of published
advertisements and/or services, meetings, or services that may result therefrom.
If the user breaches his obligations under these terms and the law, the
responsibility of the babysitter is expressly excluded.
niania-top reminds you that certain precautions should be taken during the Users’
physical meetings. The niania-top advises its Users to always meet in public
places in advance and inform nearby people about the place and time of the
niania-top also reminds that Users must independently carry out all the checks
they deem necessary concerning the person they want to hire for the service.
By using the niania-top, users undertake to comply with legal reporting
obligations as an employer or as an employee.
The conclusion of the contract, the legal declaration, and the provision of
services are the sole responsibility of the Users. Should any of them prove to be
defective, the responsibility of the niania-top is expressly excluded.
Using and registering in niania-top means full acceptance of the above rules
3. Private Life:
Privacy and protection of your data
We are fully aware of the trust you place in us and we are committed to protecting the confidentiality
of your data.
To this end, you are informed of the data that is collected when you use our products and services.
We will tell you how this information will be useful to us and how it will allow us to improve the
services we offer you.
We commit ourselves :
1. to use your information only to offer you useful services adapted to your needs.
2. to adhere to the strictest privacy standards and practices.
3. to manage the information we hold responsibly.
4. to allow you at any time to request the deletion of your data.

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